boy-wonderful asked:

Can you draw me?


Only if you commission me to do it. :3

Main character line up for my attempt at making a comic. It will most likely turn out to be a fail but I gotta try right? Lol

Usagi by Amoona Saohin

Still haven’t seen the first ep of the new Sailormoon. I’m looking forwards to it and at the same time I’m scared I won’t like it. Dx

Lines for my Usagi (Sailormoon) fanart coming soon. :3


iammrjohnson asked:

Omg your blog, tumblr, site hate we you call it! Your artistic portfolio has made my day!!! Your sketches and artwork are just amazing!!! Ugh!!! I so wish I had what spark you had to draw such images in such amazement! OMG can you please draw me in some way shape or form?!!!! Please lol I know you get this often but please?!


If I do this then I’ll have to for everyone who requests portraits or else it’s unfair. I am also swamped with my own projects. I am trying to use all of my time to make my comic, practice landscapes and freelance work. At this point I will only consider commissions. TT^TT  Thank you for the great compliments. I hope you understand and continue to enjoy my artwork. 


valyyrian asked:

I'm puking rainbows. Your art is amazing and I'm especially in love with your YJ series. It makes me miss the show xx


I always love recieving these kinds of messages. Thank you! I miss the show too. TT^TT

External Internal Screaming by Amoona Saohin

This ended up becoming a hassle. I don’t know why but I feel like I just can’t make it work. *SIGH* I wanted to share it anyways. I’m trying out new things and shit and I thought I’d do something a little darker. Lol! Anywho, I’m considering drawing Sailormoon instead of my fail original art. Dx

A little WIP. I know it looks creepy but it will probably look creepier when I’m done.

At it’s best I always thought my art was mediocre but I’ve been getting so much love lately here on Tumblr and it really makes me happy. It definitely makes me feel more confident about my ability to make a living out of doing this in near future. :’) Thanks guys

Red Hood by Amoona Saohin

I know so far I’ve been doing YJ cast but I got inspired to do this by an ask. I love Jason Todd in Batman: Under the Red Hood and Red Hood and the Outlaws comic series. *.* I really need to do the entire Bat family ASAP