Kuroko by Amoona Saohin

I think I’ll start doing things this way more. I hope this looks as good as I think it does. It’s also probably the busiest piece I’ve done. XD I miss Kuroko <3


I noticed that I got the nose a bit wonky so I fixed it. :)

Trying out new way to art. I normally paint in monochrome then apply colour and for this I just did lines then applied colour directly. The result is massively different. I hope it’s better. Dx Also Kuroko <3


fuyukaifuckingdesu asked:

Can you draw me?


Only if you commission me to do it. :3

Main character line up for my attempt at making a comic. It will most likely turn out to be a fail but I gotta try right? Lol

Usagi by Amoona Saohin

Still haven’t seen the first ep of the new Sailormoon. I’m looking forwards to it and at the same time I’m scared I won’t like it. Dx

Lines for my Usagi (Sailormoon) fanart coming soon. :3


iammrjohnson asked:

Omg your blog, tumblr, site hate we you call it! Your artistic portfolio has made my day!!! Your sketches and artwork are just amazing!!! Ugh!!! I so wish I had what spark you had to draw such images in such amazement! OMG can you please draw me in some way shape or form?!!!! Please lol I know you get this often but please?!


If I do this then I’ll have to for everyone who requests portraits or else it’s unfair. I am also swamped with my own projects. I am trying to use all of my time to make my comic, practice landscapes and freelance work. At this point I will only consider commissions. TT^TT  Thank you for the great compliments. I hope you understand and continue to enjoy my artwork.